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When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 Notice of Betrayal 
Notice of Betrayal  



Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 8:08 PM

Subject: Law Research Group - Actual and Constructive Notice of Betrayal

Greetings from Law Research Group,

The following is an article by Lightbringer a fellow researcher who we collectively have the highest respect. Take the time to make your way through this article. We shall be sending a lot more research out by way of email to all of our subscribers, so be sure to check your in-box more frequently.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

Law Research Group

by Lightbringer

"The Federal Reserve is not an agency of Government. It is a private banking monopoly.... The policies of the monarch are always those of his creditors."

- Congressman John R. Rarick

The crimes of "public officials," and persons acting in collusion with them, stem from deeper, hidden crimes perpetrated on the American people from unknown and unseen sources. An overview of these crimes is set forth herein.

I. Milestones on the Road to Serfdom.

A. 14th Amendment.

Words are symbols - abstract "maps" that are not the actual territories they represent. (One cannot drink the word "water.") Anyone, including a government, is entitled to define and assign meanings to words / symbols it uses for itself, in its own domain. Words in "law" have different meanings than in ordinary usage.

The legal meaning of "person" is not a living, breathing man. By legal definition, a "person" is an abstract entity, a creation of the mind, such as a corporation, partnership, or trust. "Person" ("persona") = "mask." The state, as a corporate abstraction, cannot create real people, but can create the mask they wear - and tax, regulate, and control that creation (mask /person).

A "person" can be whatever government defines it to mean, from a "citizen of the U.S." to a sagebrush spray-painted metallic green. In this treacherous Alice in Wonderland words are arbitrarily defined and changed at will. Today black can be white, the law of the sea can be the law of the land, private can be "public," foreign can be "domestic"; tomorrow they could be re-defined. An exception is that a "person" can never be a real, living man. A "person" is a contractual office-holder in a changeable abstraction called "government." Unfortunately, legal force is attached to legal definitions. As a part of government, a "person" is subject to all the whims, machinations, and statutes of the government that defines the term.

Only reality can be sovereign. A sovereign is not subject to any government (mental construct) or statutes pertaining to "persons." (See Otherson v U.S., 480 Fed Supp 1369; U.S. v Cooper, (1941) 318 U.S. 600; U.S. v Fox, 95 US 670, 24 L Ed 538; U.S. v Mine Workers, (1947) 330 US 258; Wilson v Omaha Indian Tribe, (1979) 42 US 653, 61 L Ed 2nd 153).

Will v Michigan State Police, 105 L Ed 2nd 45 (1988) states that for a sovereign to be bound by a law or statute he must be specifically named. The Supreme Court stated: "No fiction [government] can make a natural born subject." Milvaine v Coxe's Lessee (1808) 8 U.S. 598. Only a "person" can commit state-created crimes. The Vehicle Code pertains to offenses by the "person" who ran the red light, failed to have insurance, or offended the poor 55 m.p.h. speed limit sign.

The conquest of America occurred through the deceit of assigning artificial meanings to legal words in ways the people do not understand and concerning which they are not fully and openly informed. An important example is the 14th Amendment, which created a "citizenship" for "persons," i.e. Corporate government fictions and franchisees.

With subtle treachery, the 14th Amendment states: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States...." A real human being cannot be "born or naturalized" in a fiction. Only artificial entities - "persons" - can be "born or naturalized" in an abstraction such as the "United States." People proclaiming themselves "persons" are compelled to perform to whatever rules are attached to the term. One who says: "I am a citizen of the United States" is legally stating: "I am not a real, living, sentient being but an imaginary creation of the minds of other men who are fully entitled to tax, regulate, control, and destroy me through my identification with a fiction that is their creation and property." (You read that correctly! A 14th Amendment citizen is legally chattel property.)

The power base of Congress is the 14th Amendment (which Congressmen know is an unratified fraud), and Congress is not shy to invent authority for itself to tax and regulate its citizens / creations. The 14th Amendment was a milestone in the legalized subjugation of America.

B. Federal Reserve Act.

Citizens of the United States, as persons owned by their creators, need slave money to use on the government slave plantation. It was inappropriate for statutory 14th Amendment citizens / slaves (persons, residents, fictions, corporate-government franchisees) to be dealing in gold, the real, non-statutory money of sovereigns. Through the Federal Reserve Act U.S. citizens / slaves obtained the unredeemable paper scrip, monopoly money, appropriate to their plastic status.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is one of the greatest acts of treason of all time. Through this Act, Congress gave away the country to a cabal of arch-charlatan international bankers, hereinafter "Banksters." The Act was patently unconstitutional, as the Constitution assigned exclusively to Congress the authority / responsibility to "coin money and regulate the value thereof." There is no constitutional right for Congress to re-delegate its express powers (see 16 Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 141; Schechter Poultry v. U.S. (1935) 295 U.S. 495), especially to private parties with criminal intent.

At the time of the writing of the Constitution, Madison wrote: "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance."

The class A Stockholders of the Federal Reserve Corporation are various international banks, the largest being Rothschild owned banks (52%). In place of real, lawful money (gold and silver coin) as legal tender, the Federal Reserve issues private commercial paper, drawn on the credit of the United States, consisting only of bookkeeping entries of no substance or reality, on which compound interest is charged to be repaid in labor and substance of citizens / subjects / residents / persons through taxation.

U.S. Senators and Congressmen have commented on the Federal Reserve and the Act that surrendered the country: "I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the past 49 years, they would move on Washington: they would not wait for an election .... It (the Federal Reserve) all adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States." Senator George Malone

"This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson] signs this bill the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized ... the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill." Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh

"The Federal Reserve System is nothing more than a group of private banks which charge interest on money that never existed." Senator Jack Metcalf .

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt." [By now the amount immensely exceeds the so-called "National Debt." It is trillions of dollars a year - essentially the whole wealth of the nation.]

"The Fed Act providing ways and means by which the gold and general currency in the hands of the American people could be obtained by the Fed in exchange for Fed Notes - which are not money - but mere promises to pay money."

"The Feds are the agents of the foreign central banks ... The United States has been ransacked and pillaged. Our structures have been gutted and only the walls are left standing." [The trappings of the Constitution, representative government, the flag, freedom, "liberty and justice for all," etc., are now empty shells - fronts and veneers.]

"The sack of these United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history ... This nation is run by the international bankers." Congressman Louis T. McFadden

From 1913 to 1933, the U.S. Treasury paid the compounding interest in gold. Congressman McFadden said of this process and its results:

"On April 27, 1932, the Fed outfit sent $750,000 belonging to American bank depositors in gold to Germany. A week later another $300,000 in gold was shipped to Germany. About the middle of May $12,000,000 was shipped to Germany by the Fed. Almost every week there is a shipment of gold to Germany."

"What King ever robbed his subject to such an extent as the Fed has robbed us? ... That is what happens when a Country gives its sovereignty over the public currency to private interests. Give them the flag and they will sell it."

"Mr. Chairman, Kuhn, Loeb and Company now control and occupy the U.S. Treasury."

In the Law of Nations, one of the legal requirements for a nation to claim sovereignty is an independent treasury. The US Treasury was abolished in 1921 by the Act of 1920, with the currency of the country issued and owned by the Banksters. Sic transit America.

C. Trading With the Enemy Act, U.S. bankruptcy, and the New Deal.

1. Trading With the Enemy and Emergency War Powers. When writing the U.S. Constitution Madison wrote that the state interminably enhances its power through "the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government." It does not matter what the "contingency" is, whether "benevolent" (dispensing benefits like welfare, food stamps, paying farmers not to grow crops, etc.), dealing with some "emergency" (the "drug problem," a natural disaster, a "banking" crisis), or demanding sacrifice and allegiance to wage war. The U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11, states: "Congress shall have the power to declare War, grant Letters of Marque and reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;"

A Government's con of fostering emergencies and stepping in as hero to extricate the people from the "difficulty" through dramatically increasing state power is as old as governments themselves. The U.S. Bankruptcy occurring in 1861 placed the country under Emergency War Powers (12 Stat 319), which has never been repealed and exists in Title 50 USC Sections 212, 213, 215, Appendix 16, 26 CFR Chapter 1 § 303.1-6(a), and 31 CFR Chapter 5 § 500.701 Penalties. The "Civil War" was not fought over slavery (a mere pretext), but over private legal and banking control of America. On October 6, 1917, the United States passed the Trading with the Enemy Act (H.R. 4960, Public, No. 91), granting itself extraordinary additional powers under the cover of WW1. The Act states:

"(b) During time of war or during any other period of national emergency declared by the President, the President may, through any agency that he may designate, or otherwise, investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange, transfers of credit between or payments by banking institutions as defined by the President, and export, hoarding, melting, or earmarking of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, by any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof; and the President may require any person engaged in any transaction referred to in this subdivision to furnish under oath, complete information relative thereto, including the production of any books of account, contracts, letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or control of such person, either before or after such transaction is completed...." and

"(c) Such other individuals, or body or class of individuals, as may be natives, citizens, or subjects of any nation with which the United States is at war, other than citizens of the United States, wherever resident or wherever doing business, as the President, if he shall find the safety of the United States or the successful prosecution of the war shall so require, may, by proclamation, include within the term 'enemy'." [Emphasis added.]

On March 9, 1933, just after Roosevelt's Inauguration, Congress passed the Amendatory Act (48 Stat. 1) to the Trading With the Enemy Act, at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe. The American people were (unknowingly) at war with their conquerors, the Banksters, who had defeated and captured the country by the treachery of their something-for-nothing paper-money banking swindle, not force of arms. This amended version provided "legal" justification for dramatic increases in the power, scope, and authority of the U.S. Government (now owned by and an administrative agency of the FR / IMF bankers). Three facets of such increase are:

1. The President became King, Tyrant, and Monarch in a "Constitutional Dictatorship" in the service of the Banksters, as per in Section 1 of Title I of the Act: "The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereinafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury, pursuant to the authority conferred by subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, are hereby approved and confirmed.

This means that anything the President wants to do (as a puppet for his bosses, the FR / IMF Bankers) is "approved and confirmed" automatically, in advance ("hereinafter") and backed by the full force, effect, and power of the "Government." Title 12 USC 95(a) states in part:

"(a) In order to provide for the safer and more effective operation of the national Banking System and the Federal Reserve System [indicating that the President acts for, on behalf of, and under the direction of the Federal Reserve], ... during such emergency period as the President of the United States by proclamation may prescribe,..."

Every President since Roosevelt has reaffirmed the "national emergency" and issued "Executive Orders" under 12 USC 95, while continuing the "reorganization" (sellout) of the country to the FR / IMF Bankers. Since March 18, 1968, 31 USC 5112 (84 Stat. 1769; 1970) and 31 USC 5119, FRNs have not been redeemable in silver. In 1971-1973 President Nixon declared total international bankruptcy, rendering private Federal Reserve "Notes" unredeemable, non-negotiable ("floating") pieces of paper as a medium of exchange. These Notes can be categorized as "worthless securities" cited in 26 USC 165(g).

2. The original Trading with the Enemy Act excluded citizens of the United States from being treated as the enemy when involved in transactions wholly within the United States. The Amendatory Act of March 9, 1933, however, included the people of the United States as the enemy by inserting the following: "... by any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof;..." Chapter 1, Title 1, Section 1(b). By operation of law the American people became the "enemy" of the private FR / IMF Creditors in bankruptcy, who have thereafter been administering their prize / conquest through their alter ego and front, the "U.S. Government." To regulate and control their slaves / chattel property, they rendered under color of law and government) all intercourse illegal amongst the American people without obtaining permission through licensing. To travel, a driver's license is required; to open a business requires a business license (not to mention additional and ongoing mountains of "red tape"); to work for another one must obtain licensing through a Social Security card. To be "within the United States" one must merely be a "person" or "resident," i.e. a 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States."

3. Through the Amendatory Act (also known as the "Emergency Banking Relief Act") the American people became "Merchants" in a colorable, private "Law Merchant," a particular version of the ancient "law of negotiable instruments," whereby anyone dealing with private commercial paper is subject to all the laws, rules, regulations, policies, restrictions, and harsh penalties connected with its use. A "Merchant" sacrifices all his rights to ensure that the "Law of Negotiable Instruments," upon which commerce in a particular sphere depends, is successfully executed and precisely enforced. The transformation from being free sovereign Americans to slaves (Merchants) bound to a gargantuan, complex, and unknowable mass of rules invented by others was codified in Section 2. Subdivision (b) of the Amendatory Act:

"...the President may require any person engaged in any transaction referred to in this subdivision to furnish under oath, complete information relative thereto, including the production of any books of account, contracts, letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or control of such person, either before or after such transaction is completed."

This has been the duty of "Merchants" for thousands of years. All a Merchant's property, records, books, and affairs are totally subject to inspection with harsh penalties imposed for aberrations. A "Merchant" must make a yearly accounting, now fulfilled by filing IRS Form 1040 whereby reports of earnings and affairs are made to the owners of the negotiable instruments (FRNs) the slaves / Merchants are compelled to use.

One is bound to the Law Merchant not simply by using the "money" per se. Adhesion contracts subject persons to the 14th Amendment as bankrupt corporate / commercial entities in legal incapacity. Such persons are "subject" (feudal law term used in the 14th Amendment) to the private, colorable Law Merchant for its private bankruptcy, revenue, forfeiture, admiralty / maritime, general equity courts to confiscate property in rem.

By becoming party to Government adhesion contracts such as marriage licenses, and chattel / pedigree papers called "birth certificates," people volunteered to change their standing as sovereigns with unalienable rights to commercial feudal slaves / serfs with no rights and only government-granted privileges. As Pitt said: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves."

II. Results, Consequences, and Ramifications.

A. Bankruptcy. In 1933 the United States openly declared bankruptcy, publicly acknowledging its inability to pay its debts and obligations. The Treasury was exhausted from having paid ever-increasing compound interest in gold on thin air bookkeeping entries "borrowed" from the Federal Reserve. When a government becomes bankrupt it loses its legal claim of sovereignty. In 1933 the bankrupt United States went into receivership to its Creditors and new owners, the International Banking Cartel (Federal Reserve, IMF, etc.). King / Puppet Franklin Roosevelt implemented a vast bureaucratic dictatorship over the conquered country, calling the perfidy the "New Deal." (See Roosevelt's Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, & 6260; Senate Report 93-549, pp. 187, 594; "Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917 and the Amendatory Act of March

9, 1933 codified at 12 USC 95; House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933; Public Law 73-10; Perry v. U.S. (1935), 294 U.S. 330-381, 79 L Ed 912; 31 USC 5112, 5119.)

On March 3, 1933, Eugene Meyer, Governor of the Federal Reserve Board instructed (ordered!) Roosevelt to declare a "banking holiday" (bank closure) in order to change the nation's money from gold-backed Federal Reserve Notes, redeemable warehouse receipts for gold on deposit with the Banks, to Federal Reserve Bank Notes, privately owned unredeemable commercial paper, War / Emergency Currency, Reinsurance Scrip issued by and belonging to the Federal Reserve Corporation.

The "Bank Holiday" of March 6, 1933, relieved the Banks with the stroke of a pen of their contractual obligation to the American people to redeem Federal Reserve Notes in gold and replaced substance-backed money of sovereigns with "monopoly money" backed by the credit / debt of slaves. The "holiday" was proposed on the following basis:

"WHEREAS, In the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the continued and increasing withdrawal of currency and gold [the people wanted their own money] from the banks of the country has now created a national emergency [i.e. emergency for the banks who wanted to steal the gold], and

WHEREAS, It is understood that adequate remedial measures cannot be enacted before tomorrow morning,..."

King Roosevelt was ordered to decree throughout the land:

"WHEREAS the nation's banking institutions are being subjected to heavy withdrawals of currency for hoarding; and

"WHEREAS there is increasing speculative activity in foreign exchanges; and

"WHEREAS these conditions have created a national emergency in which it is in the best interest of all bank depositors that a period of respite be provided with a view to preventing future hoarding of coin, bullion or currency or speculation in foreign exchange, and permitting the application of appropriate measures for dealing with the emergency in order to protect the interests of all the people; and

"WHEREAS it is provided in Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, that "The President may investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange and the export, hoarding, melting, or earmarkings of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency * * *; and..." [Emphasis added.]

The gold had belonged to the people who placed it in trust in the Federal Reserve Banks. To cover their partial theft of the people's gold and provide a legalized means to steal the rest, the Fed caused the crash of 1929 by raising the reserve requirements in member banks from 15% to 20% overnight. The huge liquidity squeeze shrunk credit and money drastically, causing the "Great Depression."

Who decides "hoarding"? If you own gold and want to keep it, is that "hoarding"? Why should your property be the concern of some foreign corporation who can label your actions "speculative" and "illegal"? A foreign corporation with authority to decide "speculation" and "hoarding" must be the legal owner. All ownership of property stems from self-ownership. If one cannot own property he does not own himself; he has no sovereignty over the fruits of his labors and is a slave.

Who or what is "all the people"? Who decides what their alleged interests are and has right to impose them? Who are these few who presume to speak for all the people" and be authorized to take "appropriate measures"?

A man is sovereign only over himself and his own domain. "All the people" is an abstraction in someone's mind. Someone able to conceive of "all the people" in a particular way is not thereby entitled to impose his conception over said people. For a corporation entrusted with gold to proclaim that the lawful owners are no longer entitled to it because the corporation must act for "all the people" is a transparent con even a third grader should see through.

Through Executive Order 2039 of March 6, 1933, Executive Order 2040 of March 9, 1933, Section 3.(n) (amending the Federal Reserve Act) of the Amendatory Act of 1933, and the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, the entire gold supply of the country was surrendered to the Federal Reserve. IRS agents descended on people's houses and systematically confiscated gold, ownership of which was made "illegal" by decree. This was worse than the King's Men before

the 1776 Revolution. It proved that the country was indeed fully conquered and subjugated, the Bill of Rights rendered moot by being statutized into government-granted privileges - "civil rights" in private commerce.

Confiscation of the gold left the people penniless, bankrupt, shorn of sovereignty, without capacity to pay their debts at law. The "U.S. Government," now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the private Federal Reserve Corporation, issued a new form of currency for their slaves and chattel property.

"This new money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation." Congressman Patman, Congressional Record of March 9, 1933, p. 83.

Americans became forced to mortgage their goods and services to a bank or lending institution to obtain Federal Reserve Bank Notes to function in the new regime. Barred from rights, sovereignty, law, and substance, Americans were prohibited from being able to pay their debts in law. Now citizens "discharge debts with limited liability" by passing around private commercial paper owned by their Creditors, but secured by the people's credit / debt, labor, substance, property, and enslavement.

Americans are permanent debtors, compelled to perform to all the rules manufactured by the Creditors who provide and own the "notes" people are compelled to use in lieu of money. All cost, risk, liability, substance, labor, or sacrifice involved in the "notes" falls on the American people, while none attaches to the Owners / Issuers, the Federal Reserve.

Pursuant to Erie RR v Tompkins (1938) 304 U.S. 64-92, the bankruptcy of 1933 had placed everything under the 14th Amendment. Erie's ruling that there is "no more federal general common law" is open admission of anarchy / tyranny. Law and contracts are under a private, colorable Law Merchant in colorable admiralty-maritime. Issues are decided in general equity (conscience of the court), not special equity (explicit terms of express contracts). Adopting private commercial paper as money results in an AT law mixture of public, maritime, bankruptcy, equity, etc. in the same court. The judge shifts from one to the other as the situation dictates. Arguing the Constitution is frivolous since one is in private, international, colorable, commercial / corporate contract Law Merchant pertaining to the "negotiable instruments" used in all "monetary" transactions. This is in the jurisdiction of private contract (Ashwander and Clearfield doctrines) outside of the Constitution.

Since Erie the Courts are private Courts taking silent judicial notice of the Maritime (International) in rem jurisdiction. "Judges" are Executive Officers enforcing Federal and State statutes in all cases whatsoever. Attorneys and Judges are Executive Political Hatchet Men enforcing "Public Policy" (FR Reinsurance Policy) and compelled performance on Federal Reserve Bank Notes.

Through the FR Act, the bankruptcy which resulted from it, and the Amendatory Act used to enforce it, the U.S. adopted the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto with its "Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly." Combined with the Agricultural Adjustment Act the U.S. became a full-fledged communist / fascist nation, with communal ownership of property managed by the "government," thereby implementing the first plank of Marx' Manifesto: "Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land (taxes) to public purposes."

Paper money can have unlimited hypothecation's. Land used to back such degeneracy can no longer be owned, as it has ever-changing multiple demands on it. Multiple demands on the same substance is communism. Americans have been reduced to trustees in equity over the property that they think they "own" but which has been stolen by the money powers. The "U.S. Government," a front, subsidiary, and alter ego of the "Sovereign" FR Corporation, has the controlling interest in the land. "Residents" pay feudal tenure rent in the form of property taxes, which go to "public purposes."

"Public" = "government." Senate Document No. 43, "Contracts Payable in Gold," written in 1933, is unequivocal as to who owns everything: "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called 'ownership' is only by virtue of government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State."

Erie affirms that there is no more substance money, therefore no more real law, only the private Law Merchant of the Creditors in their private, international, commercial, military, law-of-necessity jurisdiction. Use of FRNs means compelled performance to the obligations inhering in use of private commercial paper belonging to the Federal Reserve. Every transaction involving a FRN becomes subject to "commercial jurisprudence," barring access to the Republic, common law, Article III courts, the Constitution, unalienable rights, freedom, and allodial title. A harsh, private, international, mostly unwritten Law Merchant, administered in the tyranny of general equity and colorable admiralty-maritime, now rules the country.

U.S. citizens (once sovereign Americans) have been coerced, deceived, and duped into policing and stealing from each other under control of a gang of thieves who hold the power and expropriate the American people's property and earnings as their fee for owning and managing everything.

Commenting on the Federal Reserve, Henry Ford said: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." If that was true in the 1930's, it is immensely more so today. Jefferson's warning has come to pass:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency ... their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."B. War, Prize, Booty, and Admiralty.

A constitution is a blueprint and set of limitations on the powers of the government it defines. If the confines of power established in the foundational document are suspended, the government is detached from its origin and floats free in power, devoid of foundational restrictions.

Pursuant to the "coefficient of power" doctrine, power in a designated sphere is indivisible and absolute. That is, it must be total in order to be power. "Part of a power" amounts to no actual power. Power is not power without capacity to abuse it. "Jurisdiction" means "control" and "power" to decide a matter rightly or wrongly. No judge is a judge without judicial discretion.

Cicero observed in 52 B.C.: "Laws are silent in time of war." Being permanent enemy in an established state of war Americans have no right to ownership, freedom, property, or law. Since the New Deal the pirated country has been dealt with as the captured prize in colorable admiralty maritime law, with all the affairs of the people, government, and commerce administered in rem. The property of all Americans is subject to confiscation, and licenses are compulsory to be able to engage in the normal, innocent activities of life. As the enemy, bereft of standing, slaves and chattel property under prize law, Americans are made criminals if they resist the tyranny of their own subjugation. That which was once "Protector" of the people is now their mortal enemy and supreme Predator. An alien, hostile, de facto government has inseminated its way into and completely usurped / replaced the original one. Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, defines "de facto" as:

"In fact, in deed, actually. This phrase is used to characterize an officer, a government, a past action, or a state of affairs which must be accepted for all practical purposes, but is illegal or illegitimate. Thus, an office, position or status existing under a claim or color of right such as a de facto corporation. In this sense it is the contrary of de jure, which means rightful, legitimate, just, or constitutional. Thus, an officer, king, or government de facto is one who is in actual possession of the office or supreme power, but by surpation, or without lawful title; while an officer, king, or governor de jure is one who has just claim and rightful title to the office or power, but has never had plenary possession of it, or is not in actual possession." Page 375.

A 1973 Congressional Report discussed America's condition since the Amendatory Act of 1933:

"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency. In fact, there are now in effect four presidentially proclaimed states of national emergency: In addition to the national emergency declared by President Roosevelt in 1933, there are also the national emergency proclaimed by President Truman on December 16, 1950, during the Korean conflict, and the states of national emergency declared by President Nixon on March 23, 1970, and August 15, 1971.

"These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress, which affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional processes.

"A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crises, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic [both aspects of Roman Civil Law, i.e. rule of the state]. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have - from, at least, the Civil War - in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency." [emphasis added] Emergency Powers Statutes: Provisions of Federal Law Now in Effect Delegating to the Executive Extraordinary Authority in Time of National Emergency, Report of the special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency United States Senate, November 19, 1973, Report No. 93-549.

This "permanent state of national emergency" remains today in full force and effect as per 12 USC 95.

In Report No. 113, 65th Congress, 1st Session, entitled: AN ACT TO DEFINE, REGULATE, AND PUNISH TRADING WITH THE ENEMY, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES, some of the legalities and case law were set forth with respect to the Trading with the Enemy Act, characterizing the situation to which Americans are now subject under prize law:

"The provisions of this bill greatly amplify and make more practical a system of license or permit which was provided for by the Government during the Civil War. The bill may in some ways interfere with the freedom of American commerce, and it may bear hardly, in places, upon individuals .... But it is necessary always to bear in mind that a war can not be carried on without hurting somebody, even, at times, our own citizens." p. 3.

"In sum, war and commerce can not be permitted directly or indirectly to augment the material resources of the enemy [American people] by commercial intercourse, and the necessity for this interdiction is more obvious today that at any period of the world's history." p. 10.

"By the war every subject is placed in hostility to the adverse party. He is bound by every effort of his own to assist his own government and to counteract the measures of its enemy [a dilemma when the "government" and the people are mortal enemies, as prevails in America]. Every aid, therefore, by personal communication or by other intercourse which shall take off the pressure of the war or foster the resources or increase the comforts of the public enemy, is strictly inhibited. No contract is considered as valid between enemies, at least so far as to give them a remedy in the courts of either government, and they have, in the language of the civil law, no ability to sustain a persona standi in judicio." J. Story, The Julia (1814) 1 Gallison, 594, 602, 603.

"By the general law of prize, property engaged in an illegal intercourse with the enemy is deemed enemy property. It is of no consequence whether it belong to an ally or to a citizen; the illegal traffic stamps it with the hostile character, and attaches to it all the penal consequences of enemy ownership." The Sally, (1814), 8 Cr. 382, 384.

"All persons doing business with the enemy [Federal Reserve/IMF], whether citizens of the United States or citizens of other nation or neutrals, are as to their property to be deemed enemies." The Shark, Blatchford's Prize Cases, p. 218; see also Prize Cases, 2 Black 674, 8 Cranch 384, 3 Wash C.C.R. 183; The William Bagaley, 5 Wall. 377; Miller v. United States, 11 Wall 268, 305, 306.

Clearly, people who attempt to live and preserve their freedom and sovereignty are at war (whether or not they are aware of the fact) with those who function by abrogating said freedom and sovereignty. A government is, after all, a coercion monopoly existing through force and legal plunder. It is the "eater" in a human food chain in which the governed are the "eatee" to be herded and harvested as "human resources."

"The law of prize is part of the law of nations." The Rapid (1814) 8 Cr., 155, 162, 163.

"By the law of prize, property engaged in any illegal intercourse with the enemy is deemed enemy property, whether belonging to an ally or a citizen, as the illegal traffic stamps it with the hostile character and attaches to it all the penal consequences." The Benito Estenger (1900), 176 U.S., 568, 571.

"Not only is property taken trading with the enemy liable to forfeiture, but it is subject to forfeiture as a prize of war." J. Betts in The Crenshaw (1861), 5 Blatchf., 549; Fed Cases No. 18271.

"But in defining the meaning of the term 'enemies' property,'... the word 'enemy' ... is a technical phrase peculiar to prize courts, and depends upon principles of public policy as distinguished from the common law." Prize Cases (1862), 2 Black, 674.

"All property within enemy territory is in law enemy property just as all persons in the same territory are enemies." Young v. United States, 97 U.S., 39, 60.

"War, when duly declared or recognized as such by the warmaking power, imports a prohibition to the subjects or citizens of all commercial intercourse and correspondence with citizens or persons domiciled in the enemy country. Upon this principle of public law it is the established rule in all commercial nations that trading with the enemy, except under a Government license, subjects the property to confiscation or to capture and condemnation." Hanger v. Abbott (1867), 6 Wall., 532, 535.

"It is immaterial to it whether the owner be an alien or a friend, or even a citizen or subject of the power that attempts to appropriate the property. In either case the property may be liable to confiscation under the rules of war .... The whole doctrine of confiscation is built upon the foundation that it is an instrument of coercion, which, by depriving an enemy of property within reach of his power, whether within his territory or without it, impairs his ability to resist the confiscating government, while at the same time it furnishes to that government means for carrying on the war. Hence any property which the enemy can use, either by actual appropriation or by the exercise of control over its owner, or which the adherents of the enemy have the power of devoting to the enemy's use, is a proper subject of confiscation." Miller v. United States (1870), 11 Wall., 268, 305, 306.

Horace L. B. Atkisson, a Washington D.C. Attorney, in: CONSTITUTIONAL SOURCES OF THE LAWS OF WAR, quotes from Jackson Ins. Co. v. Stewart, 1 Hughes U.S. 310; 13 Fed. Cas. No. 7152:

"A declaration of war by competent authority puts an end to all rights of action as between the citizens of the respective belligerent powers, from its date to the conclusion of peace;..."

In America, the Creditors (Federal Reserve, IMF, et al), through their tools of law and government, are the "competent authority" who have declared war on their conquered prize / booty, the defeated American people, pending full "peace." "Peace" means the complete surrender - abject acquiescence, compliance, and consent - of the American people to be chattel property and slaves.C. Enslaved fictions.

The 14th Amendment (private, feudal, Roman Civil Ecclesiastical Trust Law) is a "Public Charitable Trust" (PCT), formed to manage the estates of decedents who died civil deaths in the law. Such legal decedents are barred from access to law because of their artificial / abstract status as "persons," their bankruptcy, and enemy status under the Amendatory Act. They are as legally devoid of substance and rights as ghosts. 14th Amendment citizens, like juveniles and insane people, are in legal incapacity and cannot manage their own affairs.

The PCT operates by statute outside the Constitution and common law. Its functions are described in 42 USC 301 et seq. and are administered as estate, inheritance, and death taxes.

Receipt of income or benefits from the 14th Amendment PCT is proof of having died a civil death in the law. The IRS collects death taxes called social security, inheritance, and income tax. Income tax is a gift and inheritance tax. All civilly dead 14th Amendment citizens are managed by the legislature in bankruptcy / probate through the equity of the courts. Such "citizens" are severed from sovereignty over their own bodies, labor, and property.

English Common law prior to 1066 originated from land ownership by sovereigns. A "citizen of the United States" has no access to such common law because he has no access to ownership of land or substance. Every citizen / person is in bankruptcy, legal incapacity, and has "voluntarily" pledged everything to the PCT. The IRS liens and levies taxpayers / Merchants for failing to report income, i.e. not compensating the public trust and contributing his "fair share" (socialistic / communistic term) based on quasi-contract. "Taxes" are dues on the privilege of being a citizen / slave.

If a feudal serf residing on the land does not obey, and pay rent in the form of "property taxes" to his Liege Lord Creditors, he forfeits his feudal tenure. If he slaves with sufficient effort and compliance to enrich his charlatan Creditors - the FR-owned State who collects "property taxes" and FR Banks who collect huge interest on bookkeeping-entry bank credits - he is allowed to preserve his tenure in perpetual debt slavery. If not, he is expelled and replaced with a more acceptable slave. All property of a 14th Amendment person is administered by the legislature through the general equity of the courts operating in probate / bankruptcy. Any representative appointed by the court has the duty to keep such property safe and distribute it as directed. Any bureaucrat acting with warrant of attorney signed by "taxpayer" on a W-4 conveys his estate to the social security trust. The SS tax is on the gift of one's estate to the trust when he dies a civil death in the law. Signing any government form surrenders rights and subjugates oneself deeper.

The former states of the Union have become politically and belligerently occupied territorial subdivisions of the bankrupt, dissolved, corporate United States (Butler v. US Supreme Court, 1936); the former governors of the states of the Union capitulated to the demands of President Roosevelt on March 6, 1933. (See Roosevelt papers, 1933).

The Conquerors, the IMF et al, use governments they bankrupt as tools and alter egos to administer their prize, remaining hidden so "citizens" of countries will believe they still have law, rights, etc., and therefore will not rebel. In America the people still foolishly believe D.C. is "their" government and that Americans have rights, due process of law, etc. Goethe was correct: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." If you prefer to believe the lie, subscribe to the farce, "pay your taxes and fair share", "respect authority," "go along to get along," etc., you are their kind of people. May you be a happy slave - and remember the words of Samuel Adams:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contact of freedom ... go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels of arms ... crouch down and lick the hands that feed you ... May your chains set lightly upon you ... May posterity forget that ye are our countrymen."D. Treason.

On March 17, 1993, Congressman Traficant stated in the House of Representatives: "Mr. Speaker. We are now here in Chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest eorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government." Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, Vol. 33.

The phantasmagorical "United States" is civilly dead, and devoid of all sovereign character. It is only a front whereby the hidden Creditors operate inside a country (America) in violation of the stated principles of the Law of Nations, the U.N. Charter, the US Constitution, the criminal laws of the states and the United States of America, fundamental commercial law, and the standards of any sound and honorable civilization. (See Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938; 22 USC 286 et seq., 263(a), 285(g), 267(j), 611(c)(ii) & (iii); Rabinowitz v Kennedy, 376

U.S. 605, 11 L Ed 2d 940; 18 USC 219, 951; Treasury Delegation Order #91.) The "Secretary of Treasury" is the "Receiver" in bankruptcy (see Reorganization Plan #26, 5 USC 905, Public Law 94-564). The U.S. Attorney General is the "permanent member" to the Secretariat of the Interpol Operation, and the Secretary of Treasury the "alternate permanent member." Under Article 30 of the "Constitution and General Regulations of Interpol," 22 USC 263(a), the agents are required to renounce their allegiance to their respective countries and expatriate.

All "public servants," "Government" Officials, Congressmen, politicians, judges, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, the States and their various agencies, are express Agents of the Banksters who have bankrupted and stolen the United States. Said Agents and Agencies are traitors violating their agency obligations (express or implied) to the American people by acting as Agents of Foreign Principals attempting to collect on dishonored and disavowed notes and other evidences of debt.

If "officials" are properly empowered they have expatriated and are operating under Interpol, the United Nations, etc. If they have not expatriated, they are not empowered, and are only de facto. If they have expatriated they are guilty of treason, since they ostensibly swear oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Under trappings of "democracy," the flag, the Constitution, etc., we have been suckered into administering and submitting to a grand scheme of mutual elimination of our own rights, freedom, and country. Americans have been reduced to peonage and involuntary servitude under a fraudulent, tyrannical, and seditious foreign oligarchy whose express intent is to institute and establish a dictatorship over the people and their posterity through a private, commercial one-world-government ("New World Order"). To that end these would-be Rulers of the World have completely debauched the monetary system, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, aided and abetted the enemies of America and human freedom, declared piratical and covert war on the American people and their posterity, created anarchy (colorable "law" = no law) within the de jure society, taken false oaths, entered into seditious foreign agreements, pacts, confederations, treaties, and alliances, and under a pretense of "emergency" (which they themselves created), formed and established a multitude of offices of alien allegiance to perpetuate their conquest, subjugation, and mass plunder of what was once considered "the last great hope of human freedom." All local, State, and Federal "Officials," all aspects of the State and Federal Governments (knowingly or unknowingly) administer this genocide, perfidy, and high treason.

III. Politics.

Most people believe truth to be what "authorities" tell them and what the "herd" believes. That is dangerous, as one remains stupefied in the dark, victims of the relentless indoctrination from birth onward to "respect authority." At the time of Columbus people thought the world was flat. To think that Government is necessary and beneficent is worse than believing the earth is flat, since it is not merely delusory but suicidal.

No con man approaches his mark and says: "I am perpetrating a trick to deceive you. I want to steal your money and gain power over your life in order to make you my slave so you can work for me while you think you are working for yourself. Now let me explain fully how I intend to do this." On the contrary, every con man claims to offer a special way to better you, such as politicians who say: "Vote for me and I'll give you..." Falling for the political con results in loss of control of one's life in exchange for obtaining largess "legally" stolen from other people (including yourself). A government has no money of its own. In the realm of genuine business and honorable relationships one must give (serve) in order to receive

(profit), i.e. engage in win / win interactions.

Governments are legal fictions proposed as necessary under countless pretexts. Structured in any of an infinite number of ever-changing ways, they come and go. A fiction purports to grant authority for some men to dominate and steal from others without having given anything of equal or greater value in exchange. Such people thereby perpetrate fraud or aggression (win / lose interactions) under color of law. Governments "make money the old-fashioned way" - they steal it. The "ruled" lose reality - rights, property, freedom, options, substance - on the basis of "rulers" representing imaginary constructs of the mind. The proceeds - prize / booty - go into the coffers of giant war-powers trusts that have amassed the world's wealth and power for thousands of years, such as the Money Trust in New York at 55 Water Street

called the "Depository Trust Company."

Governments invent power for themselves out of nothing. They have occurred throughout history under unlimited guises, including the "Divine Right of Kings," "Democracy," "Law and Order," the "General Will," "society," "the greatest good for the greatest number," etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam. None of those lofty collectivist concepts can be found. Where is a government official's agency agreement from God (or the "General Will," "society," etc.) authorizing him to exert power over you? Where are those concepts found other than in the minds of individuals who think them? Regardless of the basis of mystification (belief in unexamined premises), the state is an unredeemable fraud.

The only real rights are individual rights. There are likewise only individual responsibilities. Concepts and abstractions, like groups and legal fictions, have neither. Every man has free will and is obliged to utilize it for good or ill pursuant to ethical law, and for truth or falsehood pursuant to natural law. Each man is sovereign only over his own choices in life. Existence grants no one a priori right over any aspect of the life of another except for just self-defense.

Government = political power. Concerning government's right to wage war, the Constitutional Sources of the Laws of War states:

"The existence of war and the restoration of peace are to be determined by the political department of the Government, and such determination is binding and conclusive upon the courts, and deprives the courts of the power of hearing proof and determining as a question of fact either that war exists or has ceased to exist." Perkins v. Rogers, 35 Ind., 167. [Emphasis added.]

One must therefore declare his politics, i.e. his fundamental attitude towards government, i.e. the process whereby a legal fiction purports to grant authority for some to rule others by "legalized" deadly force. People argue, contend, push and shove, and engage in every lie, intrigue, deceit, and form of violence known to man to secure control of an inherently fraudulent realm that purports to give "special" right to "rule" others. A "ruler" circumvents the necessity to relate directly and honorably with those whom he "rules."

Lincoln stated: "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master." Anyone involved in politics is one or the other, or both. Recipients of government "benefits" are receivers of stolen goods, accepting assets earned by other people and purloined by "law." Governmental "law" destroys its own object by committing the crimes it claims to exist to prevent. Politics is vastly more iniquitous than ordinary crime, since it purports to represent justice and society's highest values. As Bakunin wrote: "To exploit and to govern mean the same thing ... Exploitation and government are two inseparable expressions of what is called politics." Freedom does not need justification; coercion does.

Inasmuch as politics is force (violence) implemented on lies (untruth), no civilization so ordered can endure in perpetuity. The long, bloody, suffering history of mankind records an unending series of wars, conquests, aggressions, and abuses by states, impairing and eventually destroying the societies they "govern." Civilizations therefore arise, grow, reach a plateau of development, decline, disintegrate, and disappear. Truth and peace are the inexorable casualties of the folly from start to finish.

Stress results from loss of control of one's life. No sane man would grant generalized power of attorney even to a good friend or relative unless for extraordinary reasons. To subscribe to governments, however, is to grant generalized power of attorney (or "warrant of attorney") by the most specious and inane means (adhesion contracts, "majority vote," etc.) to parties whom one does not even know. It is in fact to grant carte blanche to an unknown elite with unknowable motivations and criteria to expropriate however much of one's rights, sovereignty, property, and labor they wish in order to finance mass plunder and subjugation over not only oneself, but countless others also. It is criminal folly and futility resulting in ruin.

IV. Summary and Options.

The only moral justification for force is self-defense. Governments allegedly exist to defend people's lives and rights and have "special" right to use force on that basis.

The greatest external danger to a nation is war. To deal with the "emergency" of war the U.S. Government invoked Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution, suspending the peacetime restrictions on Government's necessity to be bound to a rule of law to take "emergency measures" to protect the people. Powerful forces inimical to freedom and America plotted to conquer and dismantle the country before the Constitution was signed. Through a progression based on a long view, changes were instituted in law and money that brought their plans of unbridled power over America to fruition. In so doing, the very powers instituted for our defense were subtly and progressively shifted until we became established as the enemy, victims of the very machinery of coercion and destruction that was instituted to defend us. Americans are now established by law as the enemy of "their" government as per the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, amended in 1933, and codified in 12 USC 95. It is under the authority of this "emergency" that 100% of the legal system, politics, and government (federal and state) and all aspects and agencies thereof, operate today - all directed against the American people.

To a government, "success" consists of control through deadly force. Jefferson was correct: "As government grows, liberty recedes." Tyranny is not self-correcting. Power, once established, grows until it encounters resistance of like kind, or disintegrates the underlying social order on which it imposes increasing coercion, artificiality, and interference, decimating the ecology of a free, natural order. In short, governments rule until overthrown through rebellion, conquest, revolution, or intrigues, or until they have ruined the society upon which they subsist, like an ever-growing parasite eventually destroying its host and itself as well.

One cannot surrender sovereignty and keep it at the same time. 2,500 years ago the great taoist sage Chuang-tzu quipped: "What most of the world calls wit is merely saving up for a bigger thief." Americans surrender their individual sovereignty - their freedom, autonomy, dignity, and self-reliance - to a fiction and Commercial fraud called "Constitutional Government." By so doing they give up control of their lives to a phantasm in foregone futile efforts to accomplish by force and artifice what only they themselves could achieve by their individual free-will actions. Trying to have an un-thought-through short cut, surrender to the State what is each one's right and obligation in freedom, Americans allow a myth called "government" to be greater than themselves and rule them. Some very large thieves stole their Constitution, government, and the subservient American people in the process without so much as saying "thank you."

Governments are artificial coercion monopolies manufacturing power and authority out of whole cloth to obtain their ends by force instead of through earning and serving. The banking scam is deliberate and insidious theft, manufacturing money for the bank out of nothing by "lending" credit, i.e. bookkeeping entries, and demanding labor, specific performance, and property in return to pay "principle" and "interest." Both governments and the paper-money banking swindle are unredeemable frauds that cannot be made sound and righteous regardless of how they are organized, who occupies their positions, how many constitutions are written, or how many laws are passed. Until man desists from the puerile folly of inventing, subscribing to, believing in, and relying on human governments and the paper-money banking swindle, the situation is hopeless. Those who purport to own the world have stolen it on the basis of lies, deceit, violence, and every manner of iniquity. The world belongs to the ruthless. To be free and master of one's own destiny requires throwing the moneychangers out of the temple of truth. The arrogance that some have an innate right to rule others, and the subtle and vicious deceit of the something-for-nothing paper-money banking scam, corrupt, subvert, and ensure the decay and collapse of the civilizations they victimize.

Americans are a defeated, conquered, plundered, bankrupted, subjugated, and enslaved people. We are the commercial chattel property of a handful of parasitic, arch-charlatan megalomaniacs who have stolen our lives, rights, labor, and property with a something-for-nothing swindle. The Banksters believe they deserve to concentrate the world's wealth and power in their own hands and enslave the human race because their

ruthless treachery and criminal cleverness surpass the awareness of the masses. They consider themselves to be superior beings with right to rule the world because of their larger capacity to lie, cheat, and steal. Unlike good and innocent people, they seem to believe that knowing the difference between good and evil and consciously choosing evil renders them worthy of ruling their more naïve and innocent fellow man. A renowned banker summed it up:

"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of slight of hand that was ever invented ... Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin .... Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and, with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again .... if you want to continue to be the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit." Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England

Like Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of porridge, Americans have lost it all - sovereignty, rights, freedom, country, property, and law. The country is completely gone. Americans had better realize that their delusions otherwise are merely going through the motions, acting on a progressively vanishing memory of former dreams that are now gutted, empty shells and becoming daily more hopeless. Unless we take drastic measures into our own hands, one at a time and in concert with others, what is in store for us all is merely the re-arranging and re-constituting what was the once great United States of America into a one world private commercial tyranny which has, at least for a season, triumphed over the planet and currently

owns, runs, and rules the world. Postscript: Shortly after taking office Bill Clinton signed the "Collective Security Participation Resolution" that continues the national emergency powers instigated by Roosevelt, thereby faithfully administering the Banksters' ongoing master plan to dismantle the insolvent United States, liquidate its assets (the American people, their rights, property, labor, and children in perpetuity), and ensure America's enslavement for generations to come. Every President will, and must, act to fulfill the same mandate of office. Every American can likewise pledge his "life, fortune, and sacred honor" to selling himself, his progeny, nation, and fellow countrymen, as well as this civilization and the human race, into tyranny, slavery, and ruin by being either a government employee, attorney, judge, policeman, bureaucrat, etc., or docilely complying with administration of the government and legal system, which operates 100% under authority of the War Powers. We have all been duped into enforcing and complying with the hidden agenda of those who are the mortal enemies of our lives, rights, and freedom

- not to mention love, justice, and truth. The free choice as to which course of action we take resides with each of us. Latest Product Releases

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