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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 GCR-RV History 

GCR/RV: Past, Present & Future



It's a fact humanity has existed for thousands of years.  It's also true that during such an extended period of history, man has discovered, mined and stored the riches of the earth.  Centuries have seen continents, nations, empires, sovereign families, kings, queens, governments and presidents come and go from power due to war, coup d'etats, and elections… yet the massive wealth of the world has remained hidden… why?  Because that's what real wealth does… it stays hidden to remain safe.  As anonymity and humility are not options when handling super amounts of wealth, it's a prerequisite for sheer survival. 

Meaning, all financial numbers you see reported in Central Bank Holdings and Public Bank deposits are actually just a small percentage of the overall wealth available to humanity.  Thus, all printed coins, currency, bonds and equities are just public representations of a much larger asset pool that the general public is not privy to knowing-- for their own best interests.

But in the mid-to-late 1700's, an existential threat began forming and gaining strength throughout Eastern Europe regarding taking control of the entire planet's wealth through usury / fiat finance.  For a lack of a better term this group or family was dubbed "the cabal" and they have secretively, yet intentionally, plotted to overtake all worldly assets and affairs through an invisible went of banking, military, diplomacy, education, science and media arms.

To counter this malevolent world domination strategy, a benevolent strategy was created and ultimately implemented via the sovereign families of Asia and Europe by pooling their assets into a series of very complex and secretive off ledger private banking trusts collectively known today the Global Collateral Accounts (or Global Debt Facility). 

Since that time, these same sovereign families--who can trace their genetic origins back to the original continents of the human existence (i.e. Atlantis and Lemuria)--have assumed the responsibility as "keepers" of the humanity's wealth, including its anonymity security, to eventually renew humanity's prosperity.

Over centuries, violent wars have been fought to either accumulate or protect the assets inside of the Global Collateral Accounts.  Every current sovereign family member, cabal leader and political operative understands this end game and sides with either the light of heaven or darkness of hell… as this is a game that truly is a "winner takes all" proposition.

Fast forward post WW2 at the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire (circa 1944) where both light and dark agreed to a transitional truce in order to reset the world's financial system after several gruesome world wars.  Humanity was scheduled to begin a heavenly transition of era mandated by heaven for the species and planet's ascension.  The benevolent "keepers" therefore agreed to place a minority percentage of the Global Collateral Accounts, specifically gold, into Central Banking vaults worldwide. 

They physical transferred said gold over a two year period which established the current financial system in 1946, which included setting currency against a common gold standard which was to be spot set daily in the City of London.  This benevolent gold was on lease to all good standing sovereign nations for a 50 year period, with a 5 year transition period ending in the fall of 2001. 

However, as the decades passed, the cabal continued with their world domination agenda, and began more aggressively infecting each nation's central and public banking sector, executive government leadership, judicial appointments and kept a lid on their actives via control of all print, radio, tv and digital information outlets. (FYI: This is why all mass media suppliers are owned by six parent companies.)

Then in 1971, President Nixon allowed the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned bank established by the cabal in 1913) to print the nation's money without regarding previously agreed to gold standard treaties, effectively ignoring the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement and thus re-valuing all US issued debt , past, present and future, against the per barrel price of oil, popularly known as the petrol dollar.

In response, the "keepers" set in motion a plan to re-establish the gold standard and eliminate the cabal influence once and for all.  Over the course of several decades, active checklist steps were taken and implemented that ensured all governments of the world would one day return willingly to the gold standard. 

Yet as the fiscal end drew nearer for the cabal, they became more and more desperate.  So on September 11, 2001 at 8am EDT, they did the unthinkable in New York City and imploded two nuclear devices beneath the twin towers and brought them crashing down for all the world to see.  They did so on the exact day and time the benevolent gold was supposed to be returned the "keepers".

This was followed by other pre-planned wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Northern Africa, the Middle East and ultimately Europe. But to fight wars on multiple fronts, you need money, and the more conflict the cabal created made it more difficult to keep their "petrol oil lie" going.  So over many years their physical resources dwindled, as did their cash flow, and recently they have completely lost their ability to fight let alone win a war of world domination.

And here we sit today, with an ancient Hun elder known as Grandfather along with several Asian and European sovereign family leaders and the benevolent galactic councils all serving humanity harmoniously, putting finishing touches on a new financial system that permanently frees humanity from debt, usury and financial enslavement of any kind. 

This benevolent group has completely drained the cabal swamp of all its power, including but not limited to: natural resources, military, technology, illegal contraband and human trafficking profit streams, as well as successfully having eliminating and replacing all corrupted forms of government and their illegally placed operatives via forced retirement, resignation or physical removal.

So to Grandfather, the Keepers, the Elders, all participating Dragon Colors and benevolent European Sovereigns… we are humbled and eternally grateful for your efforts on humanity's behalf without our knowing.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts dear brothers and sister of the light!









If you are fortunate enough to be the holder any of any sovereign historical assets from the last 400 years, and/or happen to be holding defaulted or fiat printed currency… you're in luck.  As you exist at the right time, and are now in the divine right position to assist the "keepers" and Sovereign Families in exchanging bad debt to good money.

Know that by redeeming these toxic assets, you are actually serving to protect the Global Collateral Accounts via recall and redemption of said fiat financial instruments that will allow humanity to joyfully return to a gold standard of value… which includes the issuance of new physical currency backed in hard assets as well as the implementation of a brand new digital financial system which issues gold credits for all sovereign nation bonds and currency.

Very soon, you will be invited to convert existing safe keeping receipt historical bonds or in-hand cash and coin currency in off-site redemption facilities worldwide through 800#'s found on this website or through private email distribution.  Be advised this event is a private transaction and not to be openly discussed with friends, family and associates; however you may enjoy the event's unprecedented prosperity both freely and permanently without reservation.

To speed up the redemption process, please have all gift letters, in-hand assets, pictured and non-pictured identification, trust and corporate paperwork, humanitarian and job creation materials ready in preparation of your redemption appointment.  Know there are tens of thousands of bankers, lawyers and accountants trained, prepared and just as eager as you to convert your fiat assets into gold backed credits.

Sovereign exchange rates will be offered for a short period, as the "keepers" wanted to extend their appreciation for your participation in serving humanity's greatest good, as well as provide you, your family and country with the opportunity to experience sovereign rates as permanent trustees / stewards of the world's wealth.  So by all means, move forward with confidence and hydrate yourself and inner circles first, then please do all you can to share this wealth with as many as you deem worthy or in need--as all of humanity deserves to participate in this blessing. 

Know that after this unprecedented sovereign redemption period ends, there will be additional time to redeem said toxic assets at lower rates in more traditional banking institutions until all fiat assets are removed from circulation, digitally converted and ultimately destroyed.  By all means, take pride in the fact that redeeming your blessing, which has been carefully allocated for you to enjoy both short-term via immediate access to principal as well long-term through interest bearing investment and trust protection. 

This reality means you have been and still are an integral part of the global financial reset process, and even after your initial redemption appointment, as your individual patience and persistence is being rewarded with appreciation and respect by those sovereign families responsible for protecting, disbursing and releasing humanity's wealth.

Therefore, it's important to re-activate your creative juices before engaging in large private and public projects.  Please take some time to heal your body, mind and spirit before venturing out into new abundant situations.  Meaning, there's no rush to spend this money… it's yours to do with as you deem fit.  Just know that you cannot out give God nor out invest Him.  So take your time.  Go slow.  Move cautiously.  But most of all, look to serve others in a rational and measured way as not to attract unwanted attention to your new wealth as this has consistently been the mind-set of the "keepers" for all these many decades and centuries, and it's wise that you follow their lead and honor them by matching both their patience and discipline moving forward. 



Tabla rasa is a Latin term and means "blank slate."  Think of the world as your clean canvass and paint your new world with bright, loving and abundant colors regardless of what area, field or location you select to do your best work.  Given the continuous cash flow model inherent with great wealth, there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you are steadfast in your works and deeds. 

Yes, there is an infinite number of projects that need to be funded, none too small or too big for you to assist in some way, shape, form or fashion.  So whether you participate in the future by offering financial resource, a creative vision or even just as an everyday cheerleader of someone else's greatest good project, it's best to always consider how each project will affect the whole of humanity--so that together we can each assist the greater good with everything we think, do and say. 

That said, you are free to move funds in any amount as long as they are for greater good humanitarian projects, so expect your philanthropic plans to be reviewed at every step of the process.  Take the necessary time to "button up" all your affairs, and be constantly on the look-out for other leaders who are ready, willing and able to execute greater good projects with unbridled joy and efficiency.

Know that creative minds will be at a premium, and you'll need to attract human talent aggressively. But at least now you are finally in possession of abundant wealth, and if you can combine great creativity with superior morality, even the sky will not limit you.  However, if any of those success elements are missing, expect to encounter delays and possible failure if said element is not replaced, as the roots, trunk, branches, and leaves of the tree of life all help to create healthy fruit for harvesting.

Think of your humanitarian projects as human investments, planting seeds in a garden of people. Make sure to cultivate the best ideas, minds, places as all will need fertile soil to grow.  And once you plant your seed of mercy in their lives, make sure they begin to take root, and remember to apply constant sunlight, water and pruning in order to maintain their project's sustenance. 

Be ever vigil in your curiosity, seeking the next great idea, moral leader, worthy community to bless and public figures committed to genuine growth without undue credit or compensation.  For only if you are truly committed to people versus projects, can you expect the same from them no matter the size, scope or blighted location of their project. 

Everything you do from here on out will be watched, as your life will positively or negatively affect so many more than before this event.  And only in time will you truly know just how much shade you have provided with each new seed you decide to plant and water. The good news is that together, we are one family returning to the divine alignment of our shared Creator. 

Therefore, it is with infinite gratitude and heartfelt humility--in perfect union with our human brothers and sisters of the light who now give us this financial blessing to bless others--we let His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 


God is with us.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Club USA


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