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Are You Ready for Ascension

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All indices are now aligned with ascension. Are you?  Those not aligned are pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves. Ascension is personal, not a group thing.  How are you doing taking responsibility for your spiritual growth?  Are you still focused on how hard your life was/is, or are you focused on learning the lessons from each experience?  The only things we will take with us during ascension are our 'golden nugget' lessons.  Have you found yours?


At the creation of this universe, Creator choose to discover more of who he/she was by exploring what Creator is not.  To accomplish this, 4 of the darkest most evil imaginable essences (the exact opposite of Prime Creator) were created in our free will newest universe.


Recently, Creator has brought an end to the source of darkness with the extinguishment of the ‘Y’ and its minions present from the beginning of this Universe. Millions of dark creations of “Y” and its minions still exist and are being removed daily throughout Earth and the Universe.


The year 2000 was the designated end of darkness (duality), but certain souls who were lost in the dark refused to return to light and had continued their resistance now for 17 years.


To accelerate the game ending, Creator offered light to all souls of earth and if they accepted, each soul was cleansed at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of all stress from one’s multitude of lives. Those refusing the light were given new clean souls in place of their tarnished soul. However, as beings light has grown, Creator has offered those who had originally refused the light and received a new soul, an opportunity to regain their original cleansed soul. Many now have done so.


Over the last weeks, Creator has brought powerful healing light now at its 100% capacity.  Beings on Earth are readily accepting this new light and ever increasing.  Now that the Combined Light Indices have reached their optimal levels, great changes will begin on Earth.


In our new paradigm, humanity will return to a much higher consciousness and will no longer be able to do harm instead will bring love and help to one another. We will also see the departure of those who have not reached the optimal levels of light for additional awakening.  This new paradigm will return us to liquid crystal beings and creators of our own universe. First, your soul will be taken to one of 11 stations with all other souls of this multi-verse.  New souls or those refusing most of the truth will find themselves in station 1, the lowest vibrational station. Others in stations 2-5.  Most Earth beings choosing the light will be in stations 6 and 7.  A very few from the multi-verse will be guided to stations 8-11. Those in each station (1-11) will progressively have more abilities in creating, building and guiding your universe of light.  Darkness shall never return. 


Humanity continues to integrate the release of massive dark energies and in recent days are absorbing more light.  A lot of the discord on the planet is coming from their newly cleansed soul sending them positive messages in conflict with their media stimulated dark images resulting in an internal 'civil war' overflowing into erratic behaviors.  It is all part of the healing, much like a teenager going through puberty - one day an adult and the next an irrational child.


May you all be blessed on your journey,
Tom Sananda


Thank you Prime Creator of Light and Love



The Truth Shall Set You Free

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