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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 2005 and Beyond 
2005 and Beyond 


Potentialities for 2005 and Beyond

I was given the message on December 28, 2004, that I was to receive information about potential outcomes for the upcoming year.  The message said that it would come forth over an eight-day period beginning on December 29, 2004, and continuing through January 5, 2005.  I was told to share this information with a wider audience than I normally do, so this is why you are receiving this summary of these transmissions. 
What I am sharing is the information that came through of a global nature.  Other information came through for specific individuals that I am choosing not to share with this message.  My guidance is to share this as it was presented to me, and for you to absorb it as you are to absorb it.  The possibilities listed here are shared simply as potential experiences.potential events.  The word "prophesy" by some connotes that the events that are "prophesized" can be influenced by the participation of the group consciousness.that the severity of an event or whether the entire event even comes to be can be modified by group consciousness.  So, I bring forth the following "prophesies" with that definition. 
And I leave it to you to respond in the manner that aligns with Who You Are.knowing that you will know.
Sending you the Peace, Joy, Beauty, Love, and Light that We Are.
Brian Davis
  Planetary Adjustment Events for 2005

There is much transpiring and is to transpire on your planet.  We come to share with you that which is to be.  You will share these knowings or predictions.  For your world will see them as predictions, however, we come to you in a space of knowing.
Can any of the events you are about to share be modified by the group consciousness?
The events we come to share are being constructed by the group consciousness.  For there are forces working with the group consciousness on your planet to bring about these events.  The energetic vibration of your planet brought about the recent tsunami event.  This vibration caused the quake, which caused the wave, which caused the devastation as you see it.  It is a clearing and all those who placed themselves in its path have chosen this path and circumstance.  They are and have played their parts perfectly.  There are to be more events of this nature soon. 
There are several events that are to occur on your planet and we will put them forth in list fashion.
There will be more earthquakes in various regions of the planet.three in 2005.  They will occur in regions that will help balance the planet. 
  April - May 2005 - East Coast of South America

There will be an earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean that will create a similar tsunami that will affect primarily the east coast of South America.  The most devastation will take place along the lower two-thirds of the continent.Brazil will be most affected.
  September - October 2005 - Antarctica

There will be an earthquake in the remote regions of Antarctica.  There will be little destruction with this event.  The main purpose for this event is to assist in balancing the energies from the southern hemisphere.primarily Africa.
  November - December 2005 - West Coast of United States and Mexico

This event will be significant.  There will be much destruction.  Once again the purpose is for balancing and one of the outcomes will be that the United States will be placed in a position of receiving aid and assistance from others.  This will facilitate collaborative relations that are to occur with others. 
These events will force compassionate interactions of all peoples.  This will be a catalyst for shifting how others are viewed.  The outcome will be one of understanding and caring and compassion, for these events will reconnect the heart of humanity.
What can we do to provide assistance?
You will know what to do.  It will facilitate prayer and meditation.  It will force people to access a deeper part of themselves and live there.  Not in pain and suffering, but in the lightness of life.  For it is not that pain and suffering will not exist, but it is how you choose to interact with this condition that will make all the difference.  It is not that it is not there, but it is simply experienced differently.  And it is in this series of disasters that you will learn to live in compassion and harmony.  These events will facilitate this behavior, and this behavior will facilitate the healing and the redesigning of how you interact on your planet on all levels.  Know that as the Mother shifts and opens herself there will be shifts and openings on all levels of your existence.  Your organizations, governments, corporations will experience this same shifting and opening to push forth something new and make clean that which has been hidden away in darkness. 
  Dealing with the Aftermath

Let us look at what is to transpire during and after these planetary adjustments occur.  The amount of devastation will appear overwhelming to you.for just as this first event staggers your senses those that are to come will do so as well.  The cumulated death toll will be such like you have not experienced here for quiet some time.  Do not be alarmed or discouraged by this.  As mentioned before, this is in Divine Order and those who leave this earth plane at this time are fulfilling their Divine Plan.  So, do not focus on this exodus from your realm.  Focus on how those who remain deal with the events that take place.the openness of communication.the ability to see past their own needs and move into a belief of the One.the eternal Divine connection with All Life Everywhere.  Look at the ability of humanity to unite around the see the common thread that connects all life on your planet.  For all life on your planet will be affected.  This is the role.  This is the opportunity.  This is one avenue of expansion that will be made open to those who remain here in this plane. 
Questions will arise from the apparent devastation. "How do we deal with such a change in all that is known?"  "What does this mean, individually and collectively, for humanity?"  "Is this the Armageddon that so many of you believe in?"  "Is this God's way of punishing humanity for some reason?"  There will be many questions that will be asked on an individual and collective basis.  One of your tasks is to assist by providing the answers that come to you.  For the answers will come to you and others, and as you provide those answers, more questions will be delivered to your door.  And it is in asking and answering of these questions that you will connect with the many.
It is in the aftermath that others will recreate themselves anew.  They will recreate that which was not working.  They will take care of the readjustment that they have just experienced on their planet and within themselves.for they will be affected.  They will not be the same. They will have an internal desire to not create from the same space they did before these events occurred.  They will bring forth that part of themselves that sees the need for something more collaborative and harmonious.  They will not see it in those terms at first.  It will simply be a need to clear and clean up and deal with that which is directly in front of them.  But then the outcome of going though this ordeal will be transformative. 
This will occur on a local level: neighborhood by neighborhood.village by by family; as well as, county by county.state by by country.  All levels will be affected and transform because of it.  This is the role for those who communicate this to others and show them how they may rebuild and create anew. 
How is this to be done?  What is the most effective means for sharing this information and are people ready for this information?
Most people are not ready on a conscious level to hear and accept information that extends either outside their belief system or their current realm of possibilities.  So do not worry about others' readiness.  It is your own level of readiness that is of your concern.  The vehicles for sharing this information are already being constructed and the groundwork, so to speak, has been done.  The efforts of others will create the mechanisms for this sharing and illumination.  Your task is to provide the information to be provide the wisdom of what is possible.  And you shall do this through the questions that will be asked.  It is the dynamic of these questions that will facilitate the bringing forth of wisdom.  This is nothing new.  This is an ancient exchange. 
  The Shifting of Power on the Planet

We come to inform you and all those you share this with that the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 are years of adjustment and reconfiguring.  There will be a tremendous shift in the balance of power between nations.  Other nations will move forward as the United States experiences a decline as an economic power. And this will lead to its lack of influence.  The military exposure will drain the capital from the treasury and will create much economic hardship in this country.  This too is a balancing of the planet.for it is the excess that is being brought into balance.  There will be much discussion and debate about who is to blame for this.  But know that it is not about blaming anyone individual or particular groups.  It is about experiencing a balancing.a moderate approach to life and a moderate approach to resources. 
This will facilitate the practice of bartering on a whole new level.  This trading will become very sophisticated in how it is accessed and shared.  Bartering will become a very popular and well-utilized method of exchange.  Create resource databases and communication vehicles for those who wish to trade services and goods.  The organization of this can be and will be necessary.  It will happen.  It will resemble a system similar to eBay, but with there being an exchange of services and/or goods instead of money.  Money can be an option but that will be up to the individual.  This will also facilitate the local community, for those sharing and bartering will most likely be in close proximity to one another depending on the services provided.  It will be able to connect others from distance locales but the majority will be in close proximity to one other. 
This network of sharing will be a catalyst for community.  It will be a way of getting people to interact with one another again.  And it will shift the energy you have placed around money.  It will shift the belief about money and how it can be used.  Be open to using this now.offering it now.  This also helps individuals identify their gifts and what they have to share.  And there is great joy that streams forth when you are in the space of sharing your gifts.  This is not a new concept.  It is a very old one.  But its time is come.  It is returning, as it always does, when it is necessary for it to return.  Simplification and balance are the keys now.  There is nothing wrong with having things.  It is simply a matter of whether the thing you have serves you or whether you are serving those things.  Each individual will be placed in the position of answering that question for himself or herself.  And they will be in a position of looking beyond themselves, for what will shift is the mindset of accumulation.the desire to have many things.the desire to consume for the sake of consuming. 
This has been the path for many for quite some time.  This has been the picture held up to you as how to define yourself.  And we come to tell you that this is about to fall away.  It has already fallen away for many, but there are still many more who are still looking at what those in power are holding up for them.  It is a time for you to see with different eyes.with different glasses.and make your choices from this new space.  And you will. 
There will be other economic players, economic superpowers, so to speak, that will arrive and there will develop tensions between them and the United States.  China will exert itself in this area and there will be a butting of heads, so to speak, between nations.  This will escalate throughout the next five years and will come to a head when China takes over American interests in their country.  This will bring out a negative response in America and there will be a nationalist movement to destroy or limit China's influence in the world.  This climate will facilitate much dis-ease around the planet.for there will be a forcing of countries and peoples to choose sides.  And the tensions shall be great.  The outcome of this exchange will be known by 2011, which will lead the planet into the Transformation by 2012. 
  The Middle East

We bring you information about the coming events of the next few years in your cycle.  These events are foretold by others and we come to reinforce this foretelling.  There is much that is to come forth here on your planet, and, yes, there will be what you will see as destruction and devastation.  But know that is for the highest good of your planet.all life on your planet and everywhere.  There will be an escalation of conflict that moved your country into action towards the terrorist groups.  There will be prolonged fighting in the Middle East and the stability of the region will be less and less stable over the next three years.  It is in this fourth year that you will see a calming. 
And the calming will come forth from within those peoples who reside in that region.  It will be delivered to them from within their own.  One of their own will rise up to unite and unify that which has been unable to be unified up until this time.  And their unification will signal the shift into the Era of Peace that has been foretold.  These peoples will become empowered over their own destiny and outside influences will no longer have influence over them.  They will create their own peace from within themselves and there will be one who will lead this movement of unification.  Look to the fourth year from now to see who this person is, for you will know them when you see and hear them.  And people will respond. Those who are considered outsiders there now will view this person with skepticism and distain. But those who reside in this region will see this person as who they really are.  And they will take charge of their own affairs and conduct them in a manner that best serves the people in their region.  Theirs will become a model that others will follow in order to take back the reins and put them into the hands of the people who reside there and not in the hands of outsiders who control the region for their own interests.  This shift will bring forth peace and force those of the old mindset to rethink their positions and tactics and strategies; for the old will no longer work as it has in the past.

Universal Copyright 2005 Brian E. Davis.  This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.


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