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The Year of Reckoning!

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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 Benevolence Ideas 


We asked our members what they would like to do with some of their gifts from our programs:

1. Enlightenment Tour: Organize a mobile tour of many of the modern day speakers of enlightenment that covers road trips and cruise trips to their seminars- examples- Vitale, Len, Lazarus, Pauley, Powell, Visionforce, Abraham, and many others

Phillip 5/22/07

2. Bureau of Disinformation Investigation: A bureau that investigates and exposes disinformation, then presents the truth credibly to the public

3. Council for the discovery of the TRUE history of the world- exploring the many possibilities and discovered facts that contradict what many schools of today teach publicly and privately in grade school, college, and churches.

4. Set the agendas of public schools with this new information by lobbying and funding to school boards and the Teachers associations

5. Abolishing of children and adult slave labor in manufacturing, and empowering new companies and paradigms in those slave labor economies

6. Teaching "poor" people wealth consciousness and then empowering them (US and World)

7. Redefining nutritional standards to higher levels, developing and implanting ways to improve soil through nutrients, homeopathics, and radionics.

8. The abolishing of needless food preservatives and additives in all food

9. The mass media education of the public of food diseases, diabetes, heart diseases and such.

9. Buy the food companies and change what they produce (McNeil, Phillip Morris, Kraft, Etc)

10. The end of Fluoridation in public water by buying the plants from the municipalities and running them without fluoride.

11. The revamp of the American Dental Association to preclude fluoride and include homeopathic, Chinese medicine, and diet..

12. A new organization that will give benefits to all law officers, EMS, and firefighters- thus getting them to support the agenda of the free world.

13. A new organization that gives benefits to politicians and leaders thus getting them to support the new paradigm of the free world.

14. The de-programming of the mind-controlled: An organization that will a)list all the forms of mind control b)develop programs to deprogram these people into lives of love security and happiness, and c) implement these programs a=on all levels.

15. Giant Museum of Radionics, "Crystal Machines" Tesla inspired technology, and other alternative high tech gadgets- A â?oSmithsonianâ?? of this type of stuff

16. Eternal Life Discovery Group: A group devoted to the discovery and development of eternal life for humans

17. Western Doctors Reeducation (and insurance protection) to learn and implement Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayur Vedic, and other type of medicine that actually work.

18. Promotion of The Release Technique by Lester Levinson, Promotion of Ehretism, a diet of leafy greens, herbs, and fruits, and other programs that enlighten and help with ascension of humankind.

19. Buy Direct TV and Comcast and CHANGE the programming to positive shows (must be done carefully to avoid a backlash of negative couch potatoes- don't try this one without sensitivity)

20. The Purchase of the Major Food Supermarkets such as Shop Rite and Whole Foods in order to keep only healthy food on the shelves for people.

21. Form The Administration for Electronic Safety; A council that insures all cell phones, lap tops, and other electronics are not going to give us radiation poisoning

22. Museum of "How It Was": A place to showcase the poisonous deadly lives we had to live in the 20th century so we never have to repeat that again.

23. Council of Unconditional Love: The standard of unconditional love must prevail in the world, and this council will stand us a "flagship" or a monument to the reminders of ways and reasons to have unconditional love.

24. Retire the "bad guys." The bad guys who ruined the world, will need to go somewhere to reflect. This should be done gracefully being that they have wielded great power. It can be done like a witness relocation program with fancier amenities.

25. Promoting The truth about how the elite used programs such as MKUltra and others to create many rock stars and celebrities which have had negative effects on our self esteems and minds.

26. Funding for the promotion of Alex Jones, David Icke, Acharya S, and others such as Arctic Beacon publishers, Aaron Russo, and people exposing this agenda.

27. Underground Alien Research/Defense/Exploration

28. Freeing the people of the underground prisons in DUMB (deep underground military bases)- or maybe seeing what's up with this first before doing anything rash.

29. Freeing political prisoners of consciousness

30. Freeing and rehabilitating drug crime prisoners

31. The elimination of guilt and shame

32. Exposing of the truth of government created drugs such as LSD, Heroin, Crack, Crystal Methamphetamines, Marijuana and of course Cocaine.

33. Reverse the trend of putting young children on prescription drugs such as rittlen.

34. Promoting the Horrible Dangers of Splenda, Aspartame, and things like that.

35. The World Shaking Hands: All the groups that were pitted against each other through modern history, will have it explained to them how they were manipulated into war and then they will shake hands, sing and dance.

36. World Vacation Fund: All those who can chip in, will provide a 2 week vacation each other for all of those who canâ?Tt afford it in a luxurious location in the tropics, or mountains so everyone will get to live in paradise for 2 weeks a year.

37. Permanent Paradise: A council that will plan and implement how to turn every area of the world into paradise- EVERY area.

38. Promise to the Children: to make the world a paradise, to do everything in our power to make this happen in their lifetime right now

39. Anti robot technology- ray guns that will stop warring robots by short circuiting them

40. Free Power Guarantee for all. Unlimited power and energy for everyone on earth.

41. Free Knowledge Guarantee: Every book will be available to any earthling who want's it for FREE. A fund will pay the publisher and the authors when necessary.

42. Food and Shelter: not a welfare program- but a carefully designed way to keep anyone from being hungry or unsheltered with a temporary accent.

43. Free Quantum Education including but not limited to Visualization, Frontal Lobe Stimulation, The Use of Ethereal Energies, and others techniques.

44. A System of Crystals located on each chakra or "vortex point" of the earth that will harmonize and earths energies. This will entail the top experts choosing the most powerful appropriate crystals placed a certain way in a dozens of areas of the earth.

45. The Earth Must Be Played Like An Instrument: A panel of experts must be gathered to define and experiment with this (possibly see 44)

46. Inner Earth Exploration: The south poles, north poles and various deep tunnels must be explored in search of Shangri-La or whatever we find. Research shows there is reasonable evidence that at the poles of the earth there are entrances into a land that is great. Further more, the earth may be shaped like an onion that winds around itself in a way huger than we can imagine. This should be investigated.

47. Sacred Astronomy: There is reason to believe that everything we know about astronomy is wrong. The difference in the truth could be even greater than the flat world Columbus thought it was. There is a possibility that we don't even understand rotational paths of planets, or gravity properly. Let's find out now.

48. Department of Great Life: A department you can go to if your life is not great. Experts will help you make it great as a public service- and in turn you will help others.

49. Accident Proof Cars- Cars that cant smash- maybe built of rubber or something.

50. Sugar and Complex Carbohydrate Rehabilitation Programs

51. Committee to Keep The Internet Free and Uncensored: A group that will restore and preserve free speech on the internet through the purchasing of its servers and/or other means.


"I would like to support projects in the Caribean, and help families that are less fortunate."
Michael 3/23/06

"Health and Health Freedom in the US and world-wide."
Rima 3/4/06

"1) Homeless, 2) child abuse, 3) food program, 4) make a wish."
Efren 3/4/06

"I enjoy the news and there are so many people I would like to help."
Arnold 3/4/06

"St. Judes Hospital helping terminal children.....Also, abused animal support on local levels...Stem cell research."
Bonnie 3/4/06

"Our plans is to create a Family Emergency Department at the church.  The purpose of this department is to help people who lost their jobs by retraining them.  Another project is to go back to Russia and start Christian orphanage."
Oksana 3/4/06

"I would like to build a homeless shelter, with a computer center with phones and answering machines and a gardening area to grow food, including a hydroponic garden. This will allow homeless people to help grow food, and be able use computers and phones to find a job or build a business."
Karl 3/4/06

"There are several projects I believe in. orphanages, food programs in this country and the 3rd world, but I believe that alternative energy sources will prevent war."
Rich 3/4/06

"I became involved in this program due to losing my home through bad health resulting in loss of income.  I can't stand to watch what people go through while they are losing everything they have worked for.  I would love to establish a foundation that would give fair support to these people and help them save their life's work."
Teresa 3/3/06

"Build a hospital for Dr Sam Chachoua to help futher his research."
Tom 3/2/06

"Environmental & Wildlife Conservation"
Beth 3/2/06

"I would like to have seminar meetings 6 times a year to get together with the people that are making this possible, to thank them in person. I pray every day for your safety, knowledge and wisdom and know in my heart you are all doing your best and will succeed!

So, what I want, is simply the opportunity to thank you!"
Jon 3/2/06



"Set up communities using alternative energy sources"
Kathleen 3/2/06

"In addition to my main passion ~children~ I would also like to contribute to any effort in assisting others to enter and utilize FCUSA."
Lesley 3/2/06


The Truth Shall Set You Free

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