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The Year of Reckoning!

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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 FCUSA State of the Club 

FCUSA State of the Club 
FCUSA State of the Club

Dear FCUSA Member,

If has become apparent there is much confusion about the club’s history, challenges and current status. Just as you require new funds each month for your basic needs, so it is so for your club to continue to bring you the following services:

Earth News
Quantum Energetics
QE    RV
Member Calls
Prosperity Calls
Intro Calls
VIP Calls
RV Alert
RV Exchange

What we have discovered about our dedicated members is they use all our services, bring their light to our organization, come to calls and reach out to enlighten others with the wealth of information and programs FCUSA provides.

What we have discovered about those who grumble is they are not using our services.  They as torn internally with anger, fear or sorrow.  It shows in the communication to us, yet they refuse the member only Quantum Energetics which powerfully releases their inner traumas in minutes.  They are avoiding the very thing that they need the most!  They think the money will make them feel better… it won’t.  Not until they take responsibility for their inner turmoil, the hurtful feelings they put within themselves.  Since they put their hurting feelings into themselves (who else could), it is they that must release them!

Many are waiting for the ARs to process.  Are you aware the IRS attacked us and challenged us to pay over a bogus $700,000.  Are you aware the SEC attacked us and stopped the AR processing and froze our funds?  Did you know the cabal made 2 attempts on my life?  Did you know they attempted to erase our computer files and end our operations? Did you know I was falsely imprisoned for 6 days for ‘contempt’ and again 7 days at 'camp fed' for 'contempt'.  Yet here we are as a club… surviving and growing because of your belief in the truth… in yourselves and in FCUSA.  Because of the percent of loyal supporters we have, we have continued on our mission to date. 

Yes, we had to ‘right size’ and remove personnel who in fact were sabotaging their own club. All this is now behind us thanks to the many who came forward with our only source of surviving, offering ‘member maintenance’.  Those $30/mo. payments is what kept your club going during some very dark days by just a small percent of our total membership.

Were you one who kept our ship afloat while we duked it out with the SEC on totally bogus claims?  If so, you are my heroes and that is why our FIRST CELEBRATION will be to honor you!  Without your commitment, we would not be here to offer the RV program or the GSA program or any of our offerings.  No news, no calls, no prosperity, no LLCs, no QE, no club.

We only ask the vast majority who have not yet awakened to step up and follow your member leaders who have led the way.  Maintenance is a requirement, Option 1.  If you are with low income, do what you can.  If you are in a hardship situation, choose Option 2 and you will still be in good standing.  However, if you are one who refuses to participate in either program, you are SUSPENDED.  Should you respond as a flamer, you are TERMINATED.

If you are SUSPENDED, you will need to bring your maintenance current from July, 2014 (or is a newer member, from your start date) to regain your member status to ‘good standing’.


  1. We have beaten the IRS and have done a GSA process against all their players involved and it is now in the International Common Law World Court.
  2. Regarding the SEC and court.  As NESARA announces, the International Common Law World Court will remove the hold on our frozen funds and restraining order. Additionally, all the players who came against us will be dealt with by our GSA process in the International Common Law World Court.
  3. As this final release occurs, we will resume our AR programs and take it to funding.  So much has changed worldwide in the financial and political world in recent years with more coming following NESARA announcement, new and better avenues for funding are opening up for our club members.
  4. We have purged low vibration personnel from our staff and have only beings of light operating our club for you now.  As we grow, automation will do the bulk of the work but we know now how to assess individual’s energy to only allow into our staff those who are truly in their hearts.  We are learning just as you are.


  1. The first funds will come from the RV on the heels of NESARA as we have stated for many months in the newsletter and on calls.
  2. Next we expect the GSA programs to flourish and provide relief for all in that program as NESARA announces.
  3. This will then open the doors for the return of the AR program and funding.
  4. Next is benevolence.  When all your needs are met, what will you do then?  Who will you help not just with funds but to awaken them with the truth on our calls and site?  Will you introduce them to QE and Prosperity calls to assist them getting into their hearts?
  5. The next step is the real purpose for our coming to Earth at this time, ASCENSION.
  6. We can only ascend to our 5th dimensional essence from a peaceful heart (QE).

I do hope this brings clarity to our mission as a club.  Now reach out and invite some folks to explore your club who are seeking truth...  now that you know ‘the rest of the story’.

May you be blessed,

Rev. Tom, founder and manager
and our dedicated FCUSA staff

Returning Member Requirements:


Bring your account current from 7/14 or if a newer member from your beginning date.
$300 Annual or $30 Monthly Maintenance here:
Annual/Monthly Maintenance 

1-12 months Maintenance here: 
1-12 MO Maintenance



We understand many members are functioning on very little income and can elect this option and maintain “good standing” with their membership.  Hardship


This is the default status if a member does not choose Option 1 or 2.  This will suspend their membership and processing of all their claims until they have completed Option 1 or 2.


  • All members who have not responded to option 1 or 2 are SUSPENDED.
  • Returning members will need to pay back maintenance at $30/mo. or $300/yr. from July, 2014 for months missed. If a newer member, maintenance begins from your start date for months missed.
  • Returning members will need to listen to recent Monday intro calls, recent Member calls, do 5 sessions of QE, listen to 5 live or recordings of Prosperity Calls and read 10 articles on Earth News and signup for the Newsletter (if not receiving).  Then complete the online ‘response’ option for each and submit.

QE Response
Prosperity Response
Earth News Response 

  • Complete the appropriate Study Guide for your prior status.

Upon the completion of the above, submit a heartfelt letter to us explaining why you should be reinstated via Contact UsThis policy change is an amendment to all member agreements.


The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Club USA


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